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 Tursday April 10, Scifi City. WFB, AT-43, Settlers

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Evil Bob

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PostSubject: Tursday April 10, Scifi City. WFB, AT-43, Settlers   Fri Apr 04, 2008 12:22 pm

Last session (Thursday, April 3rd) we had six games of WFB squeezed in after playing a monsterous 1.5 hours of Settlers. Boardgames AFTER miniatures from now on, unless miniature gammers haven't shown up yet and people are waiting on them.

John M was there doing a master class paint job for Sig on the corpse cart. Just because he's never painted a corpse cart before. What a nut. Very Happy


For the 10th I am hoping to get some early afternoon AT-43 with Ryan (or group if there are others), if there is time maybe even some of AT-43 Tactics (a board-esk game).

People are brining pre-made lists of WFB so those games are starting very fast now. Thank goodness. Ideally we are trying to get those games started soon to 3pm as possible. Which normally means like 4pm or 5pm. 4pm really should be the latest start.

Settlers of Catan to fill in any other gaps.


Thursdays have been very good. Kind of like the old days at WoHaGs or the very old days at Cincinnati Scifi.
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Tursday April 10, Scifi City. WFB, AT-43, Settlers
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