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 Great Expectations

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PostSubject: Great Expectations   Wed May 14, 2008 8:26 pm

I want to convey my thanks to everyone for helping me get the tournament ready! It has not been an easy task, but it is going to be well worth it Iím sure! I wanted to post this for everyone to read and to know what my expectations are for this Tournament. This is the first tournament that I have run in this capacity, and I am so pleased with the support and dedication from the players and sponsors that I know I will be running this again next year.
First of all I expect everyone to have a good time! I know that with as many people as we have we will all have fun. Just FYI we are at 26 people!
I expect everyone to be courteous to everyone else. If you have a grudge or an issue with someone stay away from them. No antagonizing people and possibly hurting someoneís feelings. Play to win but have fun. Donít let the technicalities rule the day but donít bend the rules either. There is going to be fresh blood at this tournament and for some, their first tournament just keep that in mind.
I expect to keep the arguing to a minimum. If there is an issue please try to resolve it amongst yourselves quickly. If you need a Judge call one quickly but the majority of stuff should be figured out there at the table with common sense and a roll of a D6 if needed. Please DO NOT discuss politics, religion, or cultural based issues at the tournament, you can debate some other time. If I hear a debate of this type I will give both people involved a warning, if it continues you will get points deducted from your sportsmanship scores.
This tournament is once again for fun and it is my first one at this capacity. Do not expect this to be handled exactly like a GT tournament or any other tournament that you have been to. I will do the best I can and keep it fair. I have poured a great deal of time and effort into this event and I am trying my best to keep it fair as well as fun.
I hope that this will be the best tournament that anybody has attended outside a GT. I look forward to seeing and everyone of you on Sunday!

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PostSubject: Re: Great Expectations   Wed May 14, 2008 9:25 pm

Thanks to everyone helping to support our first tournament.

and above all, thanks to Makari for doing 99% of the work Wink

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PostSubject: Re: Great Expectations   Wed May 14, 2008 10:35 pm


With out you....we would all be scratching our heads saying DUH....
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PostSubject: Re: Great Expectations   

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Great Expectations
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