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 Flying Hellfish invite

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PostSubject: Flying Hellfish invite   Mon May 19, 2008 3:47 pm

I want to thank Makari and his group for hosting the first CAG tournament, and the Cincinnati 40K gamers for having us. You did a terrific job, and we look forward to coming down next year!

I, Kevin Kirby, am the chapter master of the Flying Hellfish 40K club. I'm sure everyone saw us at the event with the shirts and all. We are an informal 40K gaming club, whose primary focus is 40K competitive play.

We got started this past fall to prepare for Adepticon 2008 in Chicago. Adepticon is a three day event for all GW games, but the primary draw is 40K, and the primary tournament is the 40K National Team Tournament. This tourney is a four man, four round event, where you team up with one of your three partners each round and play against another team. It's hands down the most fun I've ever had playing 40K.

The trick of course is getting four players together to commit and pony up the cash to go. This year was my fourth year going, but thanks to some advance prep work, we took three teams instead of one. I made some new friends with a common purpose and it was the best time yet.

Adepticon was our first planetfall, and the cag tourney our second. I would like to see more tournaments in the tri state area, and hosting or attending as many as possible. I would like to extend an invitation to any of the folks we met, or any of their friends who have a passion for the game, to join the Hellfish. You don't need a winning record, or to have played for years, just an enthusiastic attitude.

Anyone interested can send me an email or some contact info, and we'll get some info back to you about our yahoo page and group email list.

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Flying Hellfish invite
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