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 Can't do Thurs 12th, Sat 14th is possible. Scfi City

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Evil Bob

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PostSubject: Can't do Thurs 12th, Sat 14th is possible. Scfi City   Sun Jun 08, 2008 11:29 pm

June 12th (Thurs)
Just throwing out a heads-up I am working most of this Thursday and cannot make it down to Scifi City at any time of the day. Many apologies since it has been a good day with a fascinating rotating mix of people.

June 14th (Sat)
Going into work real early, then funeral, more work. Forcible departure by noon. Scifi City by 1pm, God willing. Pixie (not the nickname I use but can't say that one here) is being blessed with a Birthday. Leaving mid-afternoon to party, travel, and visit friends vacation style.

Need to say bye and cause some good natured taunting-anguish to feed the nether soul.

So open for 40K or WFB at pretty much any reasonable point value for an 8pm clean-up. For borrowing my Waaagh box is standing by as is my growing Empire stuff (taking panic and psychology rolls is the most curious thing scratch ).
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Can't do Thurs 12th, Sat 14th is possible. Scfi City
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