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 Some new stuff on GW site

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PostSubject: Some new stuff on GW site   Wed Jun 11, 2008 3:31 pm

The Apocalypse Reload book is only going to be 25 bucks (not 50), apparently, http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat1170001&prodId=prod1410000&rootCatGameStyle=

They also have pics of the new Cadians, and some new battle formations... And, some Chaos SM that are snap together like the Cadians are supposed to be!!

A tiny portion of humanity turned its back on mankind in the waning days of the last Golden Age. Over one and a half centuries later, the PHR has emerged from the shadows as an unrecognisable civilisation, its people irrevocably changed. They are no longer simple human beings, they are post-humans - cyborgs.

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Some new stuff on GW site
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