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 Salamander Army!

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PostSubject: Salamander Army!   Fri Jun 13, 2008 4:43 pm

This is just kind of a list i made for fun, but it might become reality i get that 5th edition box set, so here goes!

92-Reclusiarch w/ bolt pistol, frag grenades, bionics, melta bombs
206-7 man command squad w/ meltagunx2, company champion, terminator honours(for sarge), power fist, and infiltratex8, frag grenadesx7

125-5 man Veteran squad w/multimelta and plasma gun, infiltratex5, terminator honors(for sarge)
110-5 man Veteran squad w/multimelta and plasma gun, infiltratex5
123-Dreadnought w/ multimelta, extra armor, smoke launchers

195- 10 space marines, w/ melta gun, terminator honors, power sword, plasma pistol
58- rhino w/ smoke launchers, extra armor
90- 5 space marines w/ heavy bolter and plasma gun

Like i said, this is just kind of a fluff list and i think my math is right on this
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Salamander Army!
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