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 Have some extra BTs...

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PostSubject: Have some extra BTs...   Tue Jun 17, 2008 9:09 am

Word, I have about 25 Black Templar Marines with Bolters. The latest edition plastic with random upgrades. All Primed Black. Plus some extra bits. Some of the guys have the robes and what not.

Not really sure what I want. CSM, Daemons, 'Nids, Orks, whatever. I am also looking for a couple of Confrontation models: The Ophidian Asps, both Sucubi, and the new Half Elves from the Dev line. But I am open to anything really. I'm not selling them, but I will trade them for whatever...I have about a dozen projects going on right now, so don't hesitate to PM me!

I started getting into BT, but then decided I liked the fluff for Space Wolves instead...

PM me, or email at Kainthedragoonx@gmail.com
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Have some extra BTs...
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