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 The Clocktower survived, technically.

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PostSubject: The Clocktower survived, technically.   Tue Jun 17, 2008 6:35 pm

Alright , this is about as "Geeky" as it gets.

There was fire at the Universal Studios Backlot recently. Many News outlets said that the Clocktower set from BACK TO THE FUTURE burned down - thats not true.

That facade has been seen the past year or two on the CBS show "Ghost Whisperer" - it was just modified with the triangular clock part taken off of the facade of the front wall and most of the courthouse part was decorated and colored differently. This was the same outside "town square" set that was used in "Dukes of Hazzard" in the early 80s and even for some shots in the movie musical THE MUSIC MAN.

Take a look at the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hD8Pq3TLt6U

These websites also helps to explain:







For those of you , like me, that are good at spotting re-used locations and sets this might be interesting.

- Ed C.
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The Clocktower survived, technically.
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