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 Maul at the Mall 40K RTT, July 26 in Tennessee

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PostSubject: Maul at the Mall 40K RTT, July 26 in Tennessee   Fri Jun 20, 2008 12:44 pm

Three of us from Dayton are going down to Cleveland Tennessee friday, July 25 for the Maul at the Mall event on saturday 26. It's being run by Dicehead Games. I've been to 2 events there now and Shane runs a good, timely, clean tournament. Check it out here:


It's a six hour drive from Dayton, so we'll be getting a cheapy motel room friday night and driving back saturday night. The event is a 2000 point, three round RTT with major prizes. I figure costs, if we eat cheap and we go 4 to a car will be less than $100.00 each including the entry fee.

I know this is the same weekend as Games Day in Chicago, but I figure that just thins the field of real shooters for the Tennessee event.

Anybody interested can respond here or PM me.

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Maul at the Mall 40K RTT, July 26 in Tennessee
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