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 BANESTORM game (A GURPS Setting)

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PostSubject: BANESTORM game (A GURPS Setting)   Sun Jul 27, 2008 7:45 pm


What was the 4th edition D&D idea morphed last week into starting a BANESTORM campaign.

If anyone else is interested besides the primary 3 people - let me know.

BANESTORM is the setting that has the world of Yrth. Women can be knights (in Caithness), Magic is real, and the crusades never really stopped. The religions are all recognizable ones we know from our Earth....so are the knightly and monastic orders.

If more people want to play , we're using 150 point characters. ...meeting Tuesday afternoons and ending right before the mall closes (depending on how much happens)

- Ed
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BANESTORM game (A GURPS Setting)
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