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 Not sure how three Hirst Molds become seven but.....

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Evil Bob

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PostSubject: Not sure how three Hirst Molds become seven but.....   Tue Aug 19, 2008 10:08 pm

.... that's what happend. Was looking at the space ship deck molds liking the treaded steel plate and wire mesh molds. One of the deck molds had doors in it and somehow I ended up picking up the other star ship wall molds too.

In short got all the Hirst molds for space ships except the etched (Necron) floor and freaky evil (Necron) wall mold. Technically not the 1.5" square tiles either.

With disscount it was under $200 and I wasn't buying much else at Gencon anyways.

The basic plan is to get some different modular game boards out there for games like 40K varients, AT-43 Tactics (each person plays a character in the squad), maybe some Infinity but they all live so far away.

Possible future plans is to encorperate enough peices for futuristic buildings or even a themed game board like those found at the bigger gaming conventions. Not sure about the later since my poor two-door car makes me dependent on others for moving furniture sized gaming things.
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Not sure how three Hirst Molds become seven but.....
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