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 parts/models needed asap

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PostSubject: parts/models needed asap   Tue Aug 26, 2008 10:41 pm

1 scout legs, 4 melta guns, 3 terminators (2 with powerfist and stormbolter, and one with assault cannon), 6 raven wing bikers, 4 powerfists, 1 rhino, 10 jump packs, 4 terminator power fists and shoulder pads, 2 terminator's stormbolters and shoulder pad, 2 devastator lascannons with backpack.

I have 2 land raiders i am up to trade as well, one is crusader, also i have about 6 plasma guns, and a dread, if anyone wants to trade stuff, i also will pay cash for whatever, pm me or reply to my post.
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parts/models needed asap
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