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 Who wants some Stunties?1? :)

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The MathHammer

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PostSubject: Who wants some Stunties?1? :)   Thu Aug 28, 2008 5:24 pm

So to bolster my dwarf forces in the face of the quickly approaching tournament, I'm considering buying an auction lot on ebay.

The issue is that it is a big lot, more than I am in the market for by a long shot, however it is a very good deal.

I've gotten some interest from Matt on some of the items, but I'm still hoping to distribute the load a bit as it were. I'll float the cash, no worries there, but I was hoping to gauge a little bit of interest of my fellow CAG members about wanting to add/start some dwarfs before I pull the trigger (must decide by 7:28 tomorrow morning)

The lot has some of the core choices, as well as some warmachines, slayers, ironbreakers a gyrocoptor, miners and a ton of characters. So, anyone out there interested in a few good dwarfs?
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Who wants some Stunties?1? :)
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