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 [RUMORS] Plastic Demon Prince

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PostSubject: [RUMORS] Plastic Demon Prince   Mon Sep 08, 2008 1:07 pm

Dark Angels 1750 win/loss Record
Win - 23 (Belial helped wreck Ryan's puny Eldar)
Loss - 13 (Brice's Necrons wiped me)
Draw - 2 (The 13th hold out in alpha take and hold)
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PostSubject: Re: [RUMORS] Plastic Demon Prince   Mon Sep 08, 2008 1:24 pm

That would be fantastic! Now everyone's DP won't look the same. You had like 2 options, basic prince and Nurgle prince, without having to do conversions. Now there will be some individuality.
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[RUMORS] Plastic Demon Prince
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