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 selling space marine stuff

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PostSubject: selling space marine stuff   Tue Sep 30, 2008 3:29 pm

so its all been painted but its not a good paint job you can prolly fix it up easy, but i bought these and a unit of plague marines a unit of khorne berzerkers , kharn the betrayer and some chaos marines from my boss a year ago for like 80 dollars unfortunantly do to a fire all i have left are the space marines

15 tactical marines
1 bolt pistol and chainsword guy
1 plasma cannon
1 missle launcher
2 flamers
rest ahve bolters

4 terminators + 1 thats missing an arm
2 chaingun(assault cannons?)
2 w/ chainfists
2 with storm bolters
1 has power sword

1 Rhino apc with no armaments

7 scouts
2 w/sniper rifles
rest w/ close comabt weapon and pistols

1 techmarine minus an arm and servo gear

and then the black reach guys and dread.

*plus two realy old deathguard plague marine guys*

so i could do it all for 40- 50 or if thats way too much for this stuff( i dont really know the value of it lol so be nice lol) someone let me know so i can change it id be willing to trade for orky stuff(boyz are needed lol) as well
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selling space marine stuff
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