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 Sentinels Unite!

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Sigma Golem

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PostSubject: Sentinels Unite!   Mon Oct 20, 2008 7:59 am

Scottywan wrote:
Okay! So this post is going up here AND on the C:AoR forums. It is for NORTH AMERICA ONLY! I have been in contact with several of you over the past few weeks, talking to you about the new Sentinel program. However, I realize that we have on these forums members of the Rackham community that - while not vocal - are influential in their FLGS and BIG supporters of Rackham games.

What Jean Bey is looking for is a group of volunteers who regularly go to their FLGS who are interested in promoting and demonstrating Rackham games, as well as acting as a communication channel between the store and the company. This goes for both C:AoR AND AT-43, though you do not have to play both to join. Mainly we are looking for people who are able to support both equally, even if that means learning a bit about the other game so you can promote it.

By promote I mean letting your FLGS know about:

- How Rackham products will now be MONTHLY releases, ON time, EVERY time.
- There is a new updated website coming!
- Let people know they can get responses on the forums, and to encourage customers and store owners to sign on and chat with us here!
- There will also be increased information on upcoming releases on the website this week!

As well as all the news coming from the forums, CHO, and to you as a Sentinel!

We also want people capable of demoing, and talking to new players about the games!

Now this IS volunteer work, and so Rackham understands that this is entirely your own time/affair, but we ask that only people who are going to make a good faith effort to help out apply. If you are still interested please PM me the following information:

Your name (First Last)
You town (not your full address), and State
The name of you FLGS (only tell me the ones you ACTUALLY go to)
What Rackham games you ALREADY play
What armies you have for those games
And your email address!

In the next few days, i will be sending out an email to all our potential Sentinels about the benefits of joining, and CC'ing Jean Bey on it. That way he can email everyone at once. PLEASE try to get back to me as soon as possible if you are interested in supporting Rackham in your area! Thank you!

Scott Helgesen
Glen Allen, VA
C:AoR, AT-43
Lions, Devourers, UNA, Therians
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PostSubject: Re: Sentinels Unite!   Mon Oct 20, 2008 9:02 am

heh, I am interested in the outcome of this.
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Sentinels Unite!
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