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 ROXX Lock-In 3.0

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PostSubject: ROXX Lock-In 3.0   Sat Oct 25, 2008 12:26 am

Quote :
Welcome to the announcement of LOCK-IN 3.0! We had a great turnout last time, and a lot of casual folks who just wanted to hang out and socialize, which is what we set that price level for! Yay!

This event is indeed happening on the SAME DAY AS THE SSBB TOURNEY!

Please read through these revised guidelines carefully, as some details of pricing, service and attendance have changed, again. We thank everyone for their patience as we refine the Lock-In event to perfection!

The proposed date for the event will be SATURDAY, NOVEMBER THE 8TH. The event will run from 9pm Saturday evening through 9am Sunday morning. We will unlock the doors for people to leave at 6am, although you are entitled to stay till 9am.

We will be selling hours to PC gamers until 8pm, and at 9pm, the Lock-In officially begins. Time on all machines for paying members is free from that point on. Non-gaming regular customers may stay until our standard 2am closing time.


The cost for this event is $30 for a premium seat at a Roxx Boxx (14 available), or $25 if you BYOC (bring your own computer, 10 available). We also have $15 seats for the Casual/Console attendee (up to 16 available). Casual attendees have no reserved PC spots, but may play on the consoles (or PC's if they become available) and just hang out in the lounge and watch movies all night. :-)

Remember these are BASE PRICES... members discounts apply! You MUST have a membership in order to participate in the Lock-In.
(Minimum Level Membership $5.00)

Each paying PC attendee will receive: 6 Roxx Points, 3 slices of Pizza (Donatos? Dewey's? let us know which kind you like), and 12 hours of gaming bliss! Note, the drinks are no longer free, but we believe the reduction in the cost of the event more than offsets this. We will mark your seating chart 3 times to denote your pizza consumption.

Casual attendees receive their fair share of pizza and drinks, but only 3 RP's.

The Big Screens are freely available to all during this event! No extra charge for playing Guitar Hero or Boom Blox!

The Lounge TV will be showing movies all night, and of course our couches provide a comfy place to catch a few winks between the pwnage. We currently have a Wii attached to the lounge TV, in case y'all wanna get your Smash Bros. on while others are rocking out to Rock band. Share. Be Nice. There's enough Roxx to go around. :-)

Feel free to bring in your own games for the consoles, or even your own console/LCD for the BYOC slots.

Due to the limited number of slots available, we ask that anyone who signs up to attend the lock-in put at least $10 down. We will give you a receipt to hang on to. Present the receipt on the night of the event, and we'll ring you up for the rest of the amount. As per usual, those under 14 must be accompanied by someone over 21.

We will have 2 reserve spots for PC and 2 for Casual overflow signups. The lock-in starts at 9pm. IF YOU DO NOT SHOW UP BY MIDNIGHT YOUR SLOT IS FORFEIT, and your slot goes to the next person on the overflow list. Dispensation is given if you tell us ahead of time that you plan to arrive late AND have pre-paid at least $10 for your reserved slot.

Quote :
As usual, if anyone has any cogent observations, questions or comments, please post on the ROXX forum under "Lock in 3.0" thread!
-Andy aka JINX (Owner)
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ROXX Lock-In 3.0
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