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 Bridges to ......SOMEWHERE

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PostSubject: Bridges to ......SOMEWHERE   Sat Oct 25, 2008 9:28 pm

The phrase Bridge to Nowhere got me to thinking about flipping it into: "Bridges to Somewhere!" *

The gimmick or idea for a role playing game or campaign is that there are mysterious bridges that look like regular bridges over rivers or valleys - except the people that use these bridges seem to disappear when halfway across them or return looking much older or rattled with PTSD-like symptoms.

At a cetain point in history these mysterious bridges might get avoided as haunted or dangerous.

In a fantasy world or setting - these might be the magical equivalent of the stargates from STARGATE SG-1. The bridges lead to other parts of the fantasy world or even entire other worlds. Maybe the other side of the bridge is almost always permanently shrouded in fog or mist.

In a modern-day contemporary setting, such bridges might be the covered bridges that you see in many rural and backwoods parts of America - except after you enter the covered bridge your vehicle and passsengers may come out the other end in a totally different part of North America or even an alternate timeline.

All of the above is just at the rough draft idea for possible use in an RPG.

What do you guys think??

- Ed C.

* On the front page of the MSN IE right now one of the rotating articles is the mayor of that Alaskan town explaining why he thinks they NEED that infamous "bridge to nowhere" that was proposed.
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Bridges to ......SOMEWHERE
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