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 Misc 40 box sets

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PostSubject: Misc 40 box sets   Sun Nov 16, 2008 9:59 am

Tyranid Warriors
GW: $35ea
CAG: $25ea

Space Marine Tactical Squad
GW: $35ea
CAG: $25ea; 2 for $45

Space Marine Rhino APC
GW: $30ea
CAG: $22ea; 2 for $40

Space Marine Commander, Command Squad in Drop Pod
GW: $80
CAG: $55

Vanguard Veterans
GW: $35ea
CAG: $25ea

Sternguard Veterans
GW: $35ea
CAG: $25ea

Thunderfire Cannon
GW: $45ea
CAG: $30ea
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Misc 40 box sets
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