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 D&D advice , GURPS-Guy here needs some...

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PostSubject: D&D advice , GURPS-Guy here needs some...   Sun Nov 23, 2008 2:10 am

Here we go again...GURPS lover me is about to be in another D&D game.

Its a one-off planned for January...timed to a friend's birthday.

We're doing D20 /3.0 rules. (cuz thats the PHB that he has)

Setting: FORGOTTEN REALMS...he said somewhere between the 'Dale' and Waterdeep.

I told him I was thinking about playing a cleric / scholar or low-level magic user /scholar type.

Any suggestions? Books I should buy at Half-Price?
Advice on playing the character??

- Ed C.
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PostSubject: Re: D&D advice , GURPS-Guy here needs some...   Mon Nov 24, 2008 12:34 pm

First off - fair warning: 3.0 is a broken system. There's a reason they released a 3.5 edition to patch it up several years ahead of what they were planning on. In a one-off game, this shouldn't be as big a problem, especially if the players don't know the system very well, but still ...

Anyways, if you're looking for a scholar, cleric or wizard is the best way to go. Wizards are definitely more suited to scholarly pursuits - their high Int is good for Knowledge skills, and all Knowledge skills are class skills for them. Also, depending on your level, there's a prestige class in the 3.0 DMG called the Loremaster, who takes scholarliness to the max.

If you wanted to do cleric, try a cleric of a deity with the Knowledge domain (which also fits with the scholarly theme). I'm not familiar with Forgotten Realms deities, so I can't help you on which deity to pick.

If you're looking for a wizard, I might suggest picking up Tome and Blood, the wizard/sorcerer supplement. For a cleric, Defenders of the Faith would do the same thing. I'd hesitate to buy one of those for a one-off game, though, even at half price.
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D&D advice , GURPS-Guy here needs some...
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