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 Crag n Da Boyz Part1

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PostSubject: Crag n Da Boyz Part1   Mon Oct 08, 2007 11:01 am

Crag motioned for Sludge to make his way behind the Imperial outpost and lay the new Big Boomers they constructed, errrr, stole a few weeks back from an Imperial Caravan transporting supplies to their outpost. Crag's Warboss was pleased with his results and made sure Crag had the best Boyz for this mission. This mission was vital For Crag's unit. Their goal? An Imperial Leman Russ Demolisher. Just meters away, it gleamed and caught all of the Boyz eyes. And it was a simple find. All by itself gaurding an outpost out in the middle of nowhere. So they thought.

Sludge hit the timer and ran. He jumped behind his rock and waited for the big boom to dismantle the Heavy Bolter gun. With a crack BOOM It blew it's top. An alarm sounded and Crag's Kommando's took off towards the gates. Marker Lights started to gleam upon his team memebers backs as a laser bolt spit out a green ooze from one of his Kommerads backs. The Ork turned around into that direction of fire, pulled the 4 pins from the StickBombz and tossed them. Several Imperial troops took flight as the other half of Crag's command started to pour fire into the woods blowing anything and everything aways.
"Dem Ders Lotta Boyz have no control. They kill us all if dem dez wanted too."
Crag Smirked as he jumped up and popped the command hatch open. Two Gretchin appeard from nowere with their Mekboy Snoots in tow, climb aboard and start up the engines. Crag looks up and shouts out WhAAAaAH In victory as the Tank begins to move forward. The Loota Boyz run and jump aboard and they demolish their way back to da Big Boss with his new toy.
Crag smiles...."We Make Da Big Boss real happy with new Boom Gun." And all the Boyz begin to hoot and hollar.
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PostSubject: Re: Crag n Da Boyz Part1   Mon Oct 08, 2007 4:02 pm

A portent of the future army perhaps? Smile
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Crag n Da Boyz Part1
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