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 Mobility List 1750

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PostSubject: Mobility List 1750   Fri Dec 19, 2008 1:17 am

115 Chaplain, Jumpack
100 15
195 Tac 1 (9+Sgt), Plasma Gun, Missle Launcher, Plasma Pistol
170 10 0 15
220 Tac 2 (9+Sgt), MeltaGun, Heavy Bolter, Combi-Plasma, Rhino
170 5 0 10 35
100 Scouts (4+Sgt), Heavy Bolter, Teleport Homer
75 10 15
200 Terminator Squad (4+Sgt)

215 Jump Assault (9+Sgt), Flamer, Plasma Pistol
190 10 15
210 Drop Assault (9+Sgt), 2 Flamer, Drop Pod
190 20 0
Heavy Support
240 Devastator Squad (9+Sgt), Plasma Cannon, Heavy Bolter, Missle Launcher, Plasma
170 25 15 15

250 Land Raider
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PostSubject: Re: Mobility List 1750   Fri Dec 19, 2008 7:34 am

Chaplain goes with the jump infantry

Drop assault drops in

Scouts outflank or just set up first to make way for the termies to deep strike in

Tac squad 2 rhinos around

Devastators hang back for fire support

Tac squad 1 rides in a land raider?
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PostSubject: Re: Mobility List 1750   Fri Dec 19, 2008 9:12 am

Spot on. Was late and i forgot to add the all in but yeah i figured why not? Mobility much?
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PostSubject: Re: Mobility List 1750   Fri Dec 19, 2008 11:43 pm

This army's a little light on the tankbusting. You've basically got the Land Raider for long range and one meltagun for close range. Missile launchers are cheap, but they just don't cut it against the heavier vehicles. I'd suggest melta bombs for your assault squad sergeants - that's only 10 points total, and it will give them some reliable anti-tank (having all your marines with krak grenades is great, but they can't even touch a Land Raider). Also, if you have the points, a lascannon or two in your Devastator squad would be helpful.

Also, you should have a heavy weapon in your Terminator squad. Assault cannons and cyclones are both great choices.

Other than that, mobility ftw.
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PostSubject: Re: Mobility List 1750   Sat Dec 20, 2008 4:27 am

Why do you have plasma pistols in your squads that have heavy weapons. This is counter productive. I know you get Combat Squads now, but all in all 5-man squads are pretty easy to break and kill even easier now that marines dont auto rally on the break it happened a couple time in your guys game tonight where if still with in 6" of a enemy they were run off the board...so keeping 10 strong I think is most effective in the long run.

Will go squad by squad with changes I think you should make and why. Obviously this is my opinion, and like we talked earlier it does depend on play style, but this list has many fundamental errors that you should think about changing :


Chaplain - Is good, they are pretty tough in their own rights.

Terminators - Need a assault cannon, they may have nerfed rending a bit, but still a 4 shot str 6 weapon is all good even if it didnt rend.


Tactical One - You have 3 different ranges of weapons in this squad (PP - short, PG - mid, ML - long). When building a Tactical squad it must be done with a purpose. You either assault, defend, or a mix of both. You cant do all 3 in one squad. If you are making a assault squad you could get high strength pistols but I think in the long run a power weapon will net more kills over the course of the game and to be effective you also need a Rhino. If you are defending you take long range weapons (LC, PC, ML, no HB or MM, range is to short) to lay down cover fire, and if you are going to try to do both, you stick with your mid ranged rapid fire (plasma) and heavy weapons (HB and MM) and have your sergeant take a power weapon if you have the points in case you take a charge. I do like Meltaguns but for a tactical squad they shoud be reserved for if you take a rhino otherwise the range is to short and your points could be spent elsewhere effecting the game in a earlier round.

Tactical Two - Similar problem to Tac One, you still have 3 ranges of weapons but are compounding the problem with a Rhino.

Scouts - Not really big on these guys anymore. With the nerf to rend AND your to-hit think you could spend points elsewhere to bolster up your forces. If it were just one negative effecting these guys they may be ok but not with two.

Fast Attack:
Jump Assault - Not to bad. Again I go back to my theory that over the course of a game you will net more kills with a Power Weapon that a Plasma pistol. I would actually add another flamer instead. With the mobility of jumpers you can position yourself to hit more models with a template. It may not be as powerful as a Plasma pistol but you can only ever kill one guy and with a flamer you auto hit, no cover saves, and as a percentage will kill more people than a PP would.

Drop Assault - Pretty standard, think a Power Weapon would help on the initial hit since you are dropping assault troops.

Devastators - To many strengths of weapons in this squad. Devastators like Tactical squads need a purpose. They kill Heavy Armor or Troops/Light Armor. As a example, you shoot a Predator with the Missile Launcher, you can only glance it with the PC and the HB does nothing. If you shoot at troops although effective you would be more wise to take a HB over a ML because it will net more kills (unless your opponent is being lazy and not spreading his guys out) or a PC which will kill more men and still be effective against light armor. The Plasma Pistol is just a waste if this squad is close enough to shoot 12" they are pretty much dead or useless. The point on that could be spent other place to be more effective earlier.

Land Raider - You can never go wrong with a big ass tank

Changes I would make:
I would build a different army altogether because of my play style, but I took your army core and tweaked it a bit to be more efficient. Changes in red.

Chaplin - 115 (no changes)

Terminators - 270 (x5+Sergeant) (Assault Cannon)

Tactical One - 180 (9+Sergeant) (Lascannon)

Tactical Two - 225 (9+Sergeant) (Meltagun, Heavy Bolter, Bolt Pistol/Power Weapon)

Fast Attack:
Assault Squad - 225 (Flamer x2, Bolt Pistol/Power Weapon)

Drop Assault - 225 (Flamer x2, Bolt Pistol/Power Weapon)

Devastators - 250 (Missile Launcher x2, Plasma Cannon x2)

Land Raider - 260 (Multi-Melta)

Total: 1750 @ 60 models

Terminator +1
Assault Cannon +1
Power Weapons +3
Lascannon +1
Flamer +1
Plasma Cannon +1
Multi Melta +1

Plasma Pistols -3
Combi-Plasma -1
Plasma Gun -1
Heavy Bolter -1
Scouts - 5

I think tactically with this style army on a "Capture and Control" you should only ever be concerned with holding one objective and denying the other to the enemy keeping your Tactical squads at full strength. In a "Seize Ground" I would split Tactical One up having the Lascannon part holding the closest to you and the other 5 marines just make a run for the next closest. Use Tactical 2 full strength to get to a mid range marker and cap it and then use your Assault squads and Terminators to deny any others. If playing a "Annihilation" keep all squads at full strength because they will be harder to kill.

I hoped this helped some, again this is just my opinion if you have any questions or comments let me know maybe I could explain something better than I did.


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PostSubject: Re: Mobility List 1750   Sat Dec 20, 2008 1:59 pm

Drop pod assault units are a bad idea. I would put jump packs on them or put them in a rhino.
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PostSubject: Re: Mobility List 1750   

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Mobility List 1750
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