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 Invasion 3042

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PostSubject: Invasion 3042   Tue Oct 09, 2007 7:47 pm

......not rewriting the great post i had written up that my comp swallowed http://www.invasion3042.com/i/inews is the website...... you are either IS or clan. 1300 some mechs. yatta yatta

I'm bored so i will add more. Their are 18 or so clans to choose from and a lot more inner sphere(is) to choice from. I am part of Clan wolf. if you all want to start you can use my promo code FrostWolf which gives you extra starting stuff after 1 iday. 10 idays are in a real day.....2.4 hours in a iday yatta yatta. Right now you can only be raid or raid but soon invasions will be added. In a invasion you attack someones sector(4 zones in all plus a LZ) and attempt to take a zone(might be the whole sector not sure if they decided that yet) from them by killing their whole army in each zone. You can after a while build things such are armor/weopens/tanks/ and very very much later mechs. you have to research even your starting buildings though you do start with research/production/training and repair plus commecial already set in you zone.

Ok the every important other point is money. Every thing but food costs to produce most are either $1 or $2(besides commercail and training) commercail gives you $20 per person set on it and each population gives you $1 a iday. A mech can cost anywhere from 1million-30 million plus maint a iday. right now neither mechs, aerospace fighters nor infantry and elementals are coded they may be added soon maybe be added later they are right now on a side burner compared to getting invasion running and debugging everything. that should cover most the basics if you have any questions post and ill try to answer. Also when you start you have to pick either IS or clan. Then later(whenever you feel like it really) you can apply for acceptance into a clan or nation you wish to join. you often have a better chance to jion if you get onto irc and talk to the leader
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Invasion 3042
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