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 Hello to Our Friends In Dayton!

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The MathHammer

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PostSubject: Hello to Our Friends In Dayton!   Wed Jan 07, 2009 3:39 pm

So this semester I am taking classes at Wright-Patterson on mondays and wednesdays with an unfortunate (or fortunate Wink) class schedule that leaves me hanging out in Dayton from about 1pm to 5pm. So if anyone in the Dayton area wants to get a game in in the afternoon, please let me know!

I play dwarfs and lizardmen in fantasy, and have been playing 13th company space wolves in 40K. With the space wolf list in a bit of disarray since 5th/new marine codex I haven't really been that active in 40K, but I'm willing to go get killed if you let me play the old 13th Co rules. They are weird rules, but the army is worse now in 5th than in 4th, and even then they weren't very good.

-John Marvin

P.S. I guess I'll join the forums at KK now too and through up a post on there.
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Hello to Our Friends In Dayton!
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