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 IG Rumors

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PostSubject: IG Rumors   Fri Feb 13, 2009 2:56 pm

A disclaimer. Games Workshop is currently adding the final touches to the IG Codex and as such any info you read here is not guaranteed by myself. What I present here is info I have gathered from various sources one of which is a mock up of the Codex which may be a key part in the final production. As the codex has yet to be formally prepared for print all info is subject to change and/or be removed as the design and test teams of this Codex see fit. I ask anyone reposting this information elsewhere simply carry this disclaimer with it. Thank you.


Launch Wave(Wave 1);
Primaris Psyker(2 Metal Models)
Ratling Snipers(4 Metal Models
Sentinel(Recut to contain a huge amount of options for various outfittings)
Cadian Command Squad(Officer and 4 Guardsmen. A huge box of goodies. This will contain 2 different Officer looks as well as 4 Cadians with various head, pouches and weapons. The beautiful thing here is all Special Weapons in plastic a several CC Officer weapons as well)
Cadian Shock Troops
Catachan Jungle Fighters

**Please note that originally a Catachan Command Squad and "new" recut of the models was meant to to be released here. This however has disappeared from my list**

Wave 1.5
This wave is technically a multi wave of various armies being planned with Planet Strike. As such this may be before or after the 2nd wave release. This one is the most unlikely of them all and has thus far only been alluded to me by some people.
Modern Rough Riders(I cannot confirm bikes instead of horses but I have been told.....less Fantasy more gritty sci-fi)
Storm Troopers/Arbite Riot Team(I do not know if these are the same release or separate however they are plastic and will be less Kasrkin, more Imperium)
Naval Fleet Officer Adjutant(1 Model)
Artillery Overseer(1 Model)

Wave 2
Leman Russ Recut(Will include 4 variants)
Chimera Recut(Will include the Chimera, Hellhound, Salamander and various outfitting options)
Commissar Lord and Commissars(The new lord is plastic and will be released at the same time as 2 new metal models, giving us 5 metal Commissars and a plastic lord)

Wave 3/Unknown
These are things that are being released eventually I am told but have no exact info when. The only thing I am pretty sure on is that they will not be released at the time of the First wave.
Artillery Tank(Basilisk and 2/3 other variants. My bet is for sure Griffin and Medusa and have heard the word Manticore thrown around)
Veteran Models(Metal not sure if they are meant to be officers or Veteran soliders)

Army Wide Rules;

Platoon Fire Drill
This rule will allow any platoon that is equipped with a Vox network in ALL squads to shoot through each other without granting the enemy cover saves. This will not effect each platoon as a whole as only members of the same platoon can fire through one another.
- However there is talk of how people will keep track of who is who when the game starts without conversions. As such this may be scrapped or changed to effect every unit that has a vox provided a Master Vox is taken in each Command Squad.

Lumbering Behemoth
This rule is meant to show the Leman Russ as the workhorse of the Imperium. As such any Leman Russ(I have been told just Leman Russ this could mean all or just the MBT though)to fire all Offensive weapons as defensive weapons when they have moved a max of 6 inches. Note however firing the Ordnance of any such vehicle will still not allow it to fire other weapons.
- This is/was a variant that allowed you to fire the Battle Cannon and any one weapon with it, this however has not been heard by my ears for sometime now.

Attached the Command Squad of the officer in charge are various Advisers/Aides from different factions able to assist the guard in their fight.
- Although about 12 have been tossed around these 4 I have heard several times;
Priest 45 Points - Allows the entire army, once per game to fleet and gain +1 attack and reroll all failed to hits. May only happen in the IG players turn. Must be declared in the shooting phase.
Naval Attachment 25 Points - This close support officer is observing the battle and is able to call in pin point strikes from the might ships of the Imperium in orbit. Once per game an Orbital Bombardment may be used in the IG players shooting phase. This strike will only scatter if a HIT is not rolled, and will only scatter D6 inches.
Artillery Observer 40 Points - Can call in long range artillery well outside the active warzone. This can be used to call up to 3 Earthshaker rounds per game, they may come in any shooting phase the IG player wishes and can all be used at once or separately. They will always scatter 2D6 inches.
Commissar Lord 40 Points - This man can install the fear and faith into any loyal servant. This unit will allow up to 10 Commissars to be attached to the Regiment rather than the usual 5 and will be able to once per game rally any and all fleeing IG units on the table automatically.

The Units

The HQ is home to Special Characters of the IG as well as the required Field Command Platoon. Honestly the Special Characters have been flying around and there are about 18 choices with only 6 or so making it into the book. Personally I think we will see; Yarrik, Cain, Gaunt, Creed, and two or 3 of the new ones.

Field Command Platoon.
Consists of 1 Commanding Officer or Junior Commanding Officer(Roughly a SO or HSO)with 4 guardsmen. The unit can then add up to 1 of each Adviser. Can be taken as "Grenadiers" instead of regular Guard.(Also talk of this allowing up to 3 Storm Trooper squads to be taken as troops) May take a Chimera or Salamander Command Vehicle.
0-2 Veteran Squads(Replaced with Storm Troopers if the Grenadier option is taken)
0-2 Special Weapon Squads
0-2 Heavy Weapon Squads
Max of 5 Squads can be taken.

Primaris Psyker. Basically the Guard version of a Space Marine Librarian. Has Guardsmen stats, but has several powers it can choose from and can purchase a hood. This has been moved between its own choice and an adviser option several times. **When I mentioned that they were not so nice I meant the model, the rules will be fun i think sorry for any confusion)**

Cadet? Commissars 0-5. These may be placed in any unit within an IG platoon. One per unit max. Do not use up an HQ choice. Also on the subject that 3 Heavy Bolter Commissar squad I have read about while very fluffy seems to be absent from anything I have seen. I am not sure if this was wishlisting that got absorbed or if I missed it.


Veteran Squads(No infiltrate)

Storm Trooper Squads

Sniper Team - 6 Models, all armed with Sniper Rifles, Camo Cloaks, Stealth[This would give them Stealth twice as the Camo Cloak gives them it too.....unless they are meant to get +2 to all cover saves], Range Finders and Infiltrate.
*Also this squad has been considered to be moved as a 0-1 platoon option rather than an elite choice*

Ogryns, I was mistaken here. The talk is T5 or FNP not both. Well at one time it was both but it was considered to "hard" for them. Nothing much changes except that someone wants 3A 3W for the same points.

Ratlings - 10 Models, all with Sniper Rifles and BS 3[So I have read could change but might make our Sniper teams more elite]and Stealth.
Their old rule for being small has simply been replaced for stealth. At 10 points each they are a steal.

Spearhead Sentinels - That is right Armour in out elite section! Actually not much basically just a sentinel with 3 different weapons(Lascannon, Multi Melta, Plasma Cannon and 11 front Armour) This is the one I am most unsure about. The problem is whether to include them all as Sentinels or have two entries, and if so where do the entries go.


We have only one troop choice. It is the Infantry Platoon. **I know some talk of Penal Legion troops has been muttered somewhere. I cannot say for sure if these will make it. If they do they may very well be troops**

Platoon Command(May take Chimera)
2-5 Infantry Squads(4 points each, may take 2 special weapons OR 1 Special and 1 Heavy, May take Chimera)
0-2 Heavy Weapon Squads(May not take Chimera)
0-2 Special Weapon Squads(May take Chimera)
*0-1 Sniper Team(May not take Chimera)
5 Squads + Platoon Command Max
Attachment; if all units have a Chimera then a Hellhound may be taken as part of the Platoon and not as a FA slot. If all units do not have a Chimera the squad may have a Scout Sentinel or Salamander Scout Vehicle Attached instead.

-Chimeras have a wide variety of weapons including the popular Auto Cannon and a new one. The rules are virtually identical to the ones located in the IA update-

Fast Attack

**Honestly the Vehicles that this new Spanish site has posted have never come to me. I will not say for sure they aren't real as BoLS has had confirmations on one of them**


Salamander Scout Vehicle

Scout Sentinel (See Spearhead) - This variant would be AV 10 all around, have scout and be equipped with a Heavy Bolter, Heavy Flamer, Autocannon, Multi Laser or twin CC Weapons.

Vendetta/Vulture Gunship - 24 inch fast skimmer, may shoot all weapon no matter how fast it moves. Various loadouts

Valkyrie - 24 inch fast skimmer. May carry Storm Troopers or Veteran Squads and deploy them even after moving 24 inches.

Rough Riders

Heavy Support

**Honestly the Vehicles that this new Spanish site has posted have never come to me. I will not say for sure they aren't real as BoLS has had confirmations on one of them**

Leman Russ Squadron - The Squadron has AV 14 at the front. Although people claim a 13 so this could change but I have heard no such change. This unit may ONLY be MBTs with no variants. The Squadron does NOT act like a Squadron and the vehicles may be placed separate. The choice is a 0-1.
*This unit is one of the most unsure things around. Honestly GW wants it in there. The Leman Russ is EVERYWHERE the guard are, however playtesters are finding this 600ish point unit is "cheesy" If my opinion counts it will make it into the codex for fluff sake*

Leman Russ
Leman Russ Vanquisher
Leman Russ Demolisher
Leman Russ Exterminator
*These are the only 4 I know for sure are being a "shoe in" for the codex. There are other variants being worked on/debated*

*Medusa is a possibility*

Still no sign of a fix for Kill pints though..
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IG Rumors
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