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 New Project

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PostSubject: New Project   Thu Feb 19, 2009 11:54 pm

Hey just wanted to throw this out there... "CSM: Word Bearers '09 and Beyond"

This spring I am going to start my Chaos army. To help me stay motivated I have created a blog to not only keep all my thoughts together in one spot but also to compile all the techniques and ideas that I have gathered across the forums and blogs that I will be using to convert and paint the army.

I plan on starting my army around April, but in the mean time I am just throwing some topics out there that catch my attention for the week or maybe something that I am working on.

I hope you guys stop by at least once. As I do a conversion I will be posting on how I did it, materials used, and of course I will give credit to the person or persons I stole the ideas from. Hopefully I can expand on some of them and make them my own. I am hoping to get more serious in my painting so I will post up some miniatures here and there as I am painting them.

Procrastination is my biggest character flaw, other than being a complete ass, but that is for another topic. So hopefully this will keep me going to the end and maybe I will have 2 armies done by 2015 <--- Suspect


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PostSubject: Re: New Project   Fri Feb 20, 2009 12:43 am

Looks great so far. 40k Is a lot more fun in 2-6 player campains. you army ceases to be an list full of numbers and becomes heros in an unfolding story line.
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PostSubject: Re: New Project   Fri Feb 20, 2009 5:18 pm

Looking good dude, really like the necromunda conversions!

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PostSubject: Re: New Project   

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New Project
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