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 Stormlord / Shadowsword

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PostSubject: Stormlord / Shadowsword   Mon Mar 16, 2009 8:08 pm

I was wondering who else has picked up the tank and what version they are using.
I plan on having two and already have a Stormlord ready to go. I can load 40 troops in it with 20 firing out of the top. Combine that with the main weapon, Str 6 AP 3 heavy 15 (or 30 if it sits still) 2 lascannon, two heavy flamers, twin linked heavy bolters, and crew manned heavy stubbers I can plow right into the heart of the enemy to drop off troops and seize objectives. When I pick up my next one Im torn which version I want to use. The banehammer is pretty interesting.
Tremor cannon 60" str 8 ap 3
Ordnance 1,
7" Blast,
Primary weapon

Quote :
Earthshock: When the final position of the tremor cannon blast is
determined, place a suitable marker under the hole and roll 4D6. This is
the size of the shockwave zone generated by the shot. The shockwave
lasts until the start of the Banehammerís next turn. Any units moving
through the shockwave zone will do so as if they were moving through
difficult terrain.

So I figure that it can help slow down the enemy advance while I shoot the hell outta them with the rest of my army


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Stormlord / Shadowsword
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