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 Resin Cast Upgrade kits

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PostSubject: Resin Cast Upgrade kits   Wed Apr 29, 2009 1:26 pm

Hi, I do some resin casting for a gaming group.. we commission sculptors to make models for us and then we cast them and sell them to our group. These have been available for about 2 years now.. some more resent than others. We will not be producing these after this summer so i thought i would let anyone who wants some get them while they are still available.

these are all resin kit-bash models meaning you will need parts from other kits to complete them.


I will be leaving the phoenix group after this spring so these kits will no longer be available unless they find someone else to cast them.

I'll post other pic's later when i get the chance.

Here is what I can provide for you… with updated price list…

units of 10 Imperial Guard troops
Each unit contains
10 standard torsos
10 Legs 4 Walking 4 Shooting/Standing 2 Kneeling
1 officer torso
1 officer head \ 1 officer sword arm
10 standard heads

These kits are 40.00

10 Calvary Without birds
10 torsos
10 lance arms
10 reign arms
10 heads
This kit will be $60.00

6 Calvary with birds
6 torsos
6 lance arms
6 reign arms
6 heads
6 moa mounts
This kit will be $90.00

Single Calvary are $15.00 each and contain 1 of each of the above.

Limited release head kit
10 heads
This kit is $10.00

Commissar Torso and head $3.00 each

Tank Commander Torso 2.00 each

Sentinel pilot torso 2.00 each

10 arms (5 left 5 right)
10 legs (5 left 5 right)
4 hands (2 left 2 right holding note pads)
This kit is 25.00

Power fists 10 fists 5 left 5 right $15.00

Re-breather head $1.50 each

If you wish extra officer models
1 torso
1 head
1 random leg
1 sword arm
This kit is 6.00 each

Below are links to what the casts look like its easier than wading through the board… one of these days I really need to sit down and do a proper web store.

Left is the sentinel pilot torso Right is the commissar torso

Limited release heads

Tank Pilot/commander and bionic legs the power fist are in the middle

Bionic Arms

Female Guard legs

Female Guard Torso and heads

Officer Parts

if clicking on the links do not work.. try to copy and past them into your browser.

Here is a direct link to the photo album there are other items in there as well conversions and such that I did and painted…

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Resin Cast Upgrade kits
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