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 40k Scenarios/ Flavor.

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PostSubject: 40k Scenarios/ Flavor.   Thu May 28, 2009 12:12 am

Been thinking ever since the tournament about how to spice up battles a little bit. I personally like a little fluff to coincide with my battle so it at least seems just a tad bit funner to myself.

40k Scenarios

D6 Planet

1 Night (Use night fighting rules for duration of game)

2 Desert( Roll D6 Odd) Sandstorm/Use Night fight for 1d6 turns Even) 1d6
areas of shifting sand((Count as dangerous Terrain))

3 Snow (Roll D6 Odd) Snowstorm/Use night fight for 1d6 turns Even) Deep snow( (Count as dangerous terrain))

4 Jungle(Unless otherwise specified in codex, all models treat terrain as difficult)

5 Volcanic ( Designate one piece of terrain as a volcano (Use Death from above rules below))

6 Rollers Choice

D6 Flavor

1 Time to prepare (Player who does not go first has had some time to prepare 1D3 defenses (Tank Stoppers, Barbwire, Trenches, etc ) Place at discretion)

2 “Cut the head from a snake…” (The enemy’s leader must be stopped at all cost. Killing him is your Hq’s primary goal)

3 Running low (Roll 1D6 Odd)Due to duration of battle or just lack of available supply your army has only 1D6 Rounds worth of ammunition . When its gone it becomes close and brutal. Even) Your armies vehicle power supply is failing. Roll 1D6, this is how many turns of fuel they have. At end of players movement phase all vehicles count as Can’t Move)

4 I CAN DO THIS! (Due to training, zeal, or just dumb luck 1 unit of each players army can raise 1 of their attributes by 1 for that turn, available only once per game. Must be declared is being used before any actions are taken by player.)

5 “Where are they?” (One unit of your force has been delayed and must arrive as reserves during the game.)

6) Debris Shower( A titanic space battle or A meteor shower death falls from above. Use the Death from above rules below)

Special Rules
Death from above ( Before the game players choose a piece of terrain as the measuring point. A coin would work just fine. Roll 3d6 and the scatter dice and measure from the coin. Use the small template if any models are within range. Treat the models as if they’ve been struck by the orbital bombardment(See Space Marine Codex)

Granted this is my first attempt and its late but i'd like to hear what you think about this. Maybe its worth somethign and maybe not.
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40k Scenarios/ Flavor.
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