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 New GATERUNNER Product @ Yotta Quest

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New GATERUNNER Product @ Yotta Quest Empty
PostSubject: New GATERUNNER Product @ Yotta Quest   New GATERUNNER Product @ Yotta Quest EmptyWed Jun 24, 2009 11:05 am

Yottaquest is proud to present Gaterunner. R-Pex Technologies Ltd. (creators of Gaterunner) has a booth at Origins this week and they are having a show special where you get the first two books for $30. Can’t make it to Origins? No problem. Stop by Yottaquest this week and get the same deal here!

Gaterunner: The Game Rules & Tools

This book gives you the core rules which includes:

· Race descriptions

· Starship, vehicle generation and combat system

· Detailed task resolution system

· Planet and star system development

· In depth fatigue, injury and medical rules

· And much, much more!

The rules are straight forward and are easy to understand and written in a style which “tells it like it is” with humor and insight for hard core players and those that are just learning to play.

RPX-01 $19.95

Gaterunner: The Human Races

Two races with common genetic ancestry but very different philosophies – the Terrans and Vilansh. They have fought before and may fight again.

This book includes:

· Race comparisons and their interactions with other alien cultures

· Pregenerated vehicles and starships

· Character generation, advancement and skill descriptions

· Specific race equipment

· Game setting and government structure

· And more!

RPX-002 $19.95

*We also carry the two novels written by Greg Kent: Gatecrash and Gatecrash II. Pick up your copy today to enrich your experience of the Gaterunner system.
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New GATERUNNER Product @ Yotta Quest
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