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 H: Black Templar W: Orks, IG, Eldar, SM Bikes

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PostSubject: H: Black Templar W: Orks, IG, Eldar, SM Bikes   Thu Jun 25, 2009 12:40 pm

The sad day has come (for me, not you), I am looking to trade off my Black Templar and focus more on my other armies. It is almost fully painted to tabletop standard, with a few mid-conversion models. I've been working on this army since 2nd-3rd edition, so the models range from old metals to AoBR plastics. It can go in pieces, or as a whole army. Here are pictures of what I am trading...

A converted Jumppack Chaplain and 10 man Assault Squad w/ 1 power weapon, 2 magnetized flamer or plasma pistols marines.

Two AoBR Commanders (front piece of one isn't painted, but included), limited edition emperors champ, Standard Bearer, two apothecaries, Techmarine.

2 Lascannons, 2 Heavy Plasma, 1 Heavy Bolter, 3 Missle Launchers (2 not pictured, all 3 are 4th Edition plastic) & 1 Meltagun, 2 plasma guns, 2 flamers.

7 metal marines with Bolt Pistol and Converted CCW (these are mid conversion, I have swords to complete 4 more) & 5 random veteran sergeants 3 powerfists. 3 are metal.

9 converted sword brethren (metal models) & 3 random sword brethren.

AoBR Tactical squad & 8 beakie Bolt Pistol & CCW Marines.

10 converted scythed bolt pistol marines. 1 Power Weapon, 1 with Flamer scyth (front/center marine). & 3 classic rhinos.

Partially converted Landspeeder. & old metal Baal Predator.

Metal Imperial Fist Commander and metal marine.

Anything that does not trade will end up on ebay, but I'd rather see it put into good hands here in Cincinnati. I am looking for just about anything 40k, as I do a lot of conversion work now. Mainly ork (even fantasy orc), or potentially IG and Eldar models. I'm also interested in a few Marine Bikes (Marine, Scout, or CSM). thanks,
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H: Black Templar W: Orks, IG, Eldar, SM Bikes
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