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 W: SM Vehicle / Arms

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PostSubject: W: SM Vehicle / Arms   Sat Jul 04, 2009 9:37 am

So I ordered some pieces from an online website awhile back for the upcoming 'Ard Boyz tournament, and there was a rather long delay, resulting in the pieces not coming in time for the tournament.

To finish out my list, here's what I need:

2x Land Raider Redeemer or 2x Flamestorm Cannons
4x Large Flying Bases
5x TH/SS arms (I don't need the weapons themselves, so any arms that would look good on terminators would work)
2x Land Speeder Pilots

In the case of the Redeemers, I'd prefer to borrow, rather than buy or trade, and I'll do whatever for collateral. Since I'd have to glue the bits, I'll obviously buy or trade for those. Basically, I need to complete the following models:

2x LRR
5x Assault Terminators with TH/SS
1x Land Speeder w/ MM and HF (I have the guns loose)

So if someone has the models to borrow instead, that would also work. I don't really care how this works out, so I'll appreciate any assistance in the matter.

What I have to trade:

NIB CSM Land Raider (from 3ed)
NIB 3rd Emperor's Children Lord
NIB Librarian in Terminator Armor
NIB SoB Canoness
Large amount of bits from Space Marines, Tyranids, Empire, with some Ork and Lizardmen bits as well

Please PM or e-mail me at ricterschool(at)gmail(dot)com, those will be much quicker ways to reach me, but a response here might be useful as well.

Thanks for taking the time to look.
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W: SM Vehicle / Arms
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