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 Sunday, July 19th @ Acme Games

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PostSubject: Sunday, July 19th @ Acme Games   Wed Jul 15, 2009 1:26 pm

Makari asked me to post this here on the CAG Forum... This Sunday, July 19th is the monthly Apocalypse game here at Acme Games. We are taking a different approach this month with a mini-campaign style game. Below are all the variation on the standard rules you will encounter during the game. Aside from that, bring along a 2500pt list, no strength D weapons, 1 Asset per player. Pre-game starts at noon, game starts 12:30-1pm. I'm looking to do more of this style game in the future, so keep your eyes peeled. If not for the fun of the game, come along for a chance to play on the freshly painted terrain! I've been working to complete a piece a week (total thus far is 3 imperial sector buildings and a new skyshield!) cheers

With the discovery of the ancient devices, the galaxy has become a hive of activity. Old alliances rekindle and new are drawn across the known universe in order that the resource plants be conquered as quickly as possible. Two such Alliances have grown rapidly, managing to mobilize armies above each of the four planets, the Lost City is lost no more...

The deployment of the four (4) Secondary tables will be prepared as per the Apocalypse Rulebook (p20) using a scatter dice. Using a Standard 4’x6’ table. Once determined, two objectives will be placed in no-mans land. One representing the Teleportation Pad and a second representing the Dialing Device.
The Primary Table will comprise of a single large terrain feature (or clump of smaller features) representing the Lost City, set up in the center of a 4’ x 4’ table. A marker located at the tables center will represent the Primary objective.
After Teams have been determined, each will have five (5) minutes to discuss the tables and determine (in secret) which of their members will deploy independently on each table. The name of the player and their bid for deployment will be noted on a ballet to be handed in to the organizer. Each army will be deployed entirely on one (1) table and each player will bid independently for his own armies deployment. From this point on, each table will act as an independent Apocalypse battlefield, representing one of the remote resource planets of the Ancients.
The organizer will then reveal which players will be facing off on each of the four (4) Secondary tables and which of the players has won the deployment bid for each table.
Players will then deploy as per the Apocalypse Rulebook (p23). They will place objectives following a modified version of the Apocalypse Rules (p24). Each player will place only two (2) objectives. One in their own deployment area and one in their opponents deployment area.
No Players will initially deploy on the Primary Table. This table is only reached using the special rules below.

Turn Sequence
Each turn of the game will be played with all tables performing a single turn in two 30 minute halves. Regardless of team, the lowest bidder on each of the Secondary tables will take the first turn. The player has 30 minutes to perform all actions for his turn (movement, shooting and assault).
Once the 30 minute time is up, or all tables have finished, player(s) two will then perform their actions within 30 minutes time.
This process will then repeat until the game is over, or until a player becomes eligible to re-deploy onto the Primary table (see Special Rules).
As soon as a player is eligible to re-deploy onto the Primary table, a new phase is added to the turn sequence. Immediately following the completion of player(s) two’s turn, all involved players will move to the Primary Table and perform a complete turn sequence. The first team eligible to re-deploy on the Primary table will now become player 1 for the purpose of turns on this table. If both teams become eligible in the same turn, nominate a single member to roll off for first turn.
From now on, players will perform a complete turn on the Primary table following each complete turn on the Secondary tables.

Special Rules
Teleporting to the Lost City:
The Primary table can only be reached via the teleport pad located in no-mans land on each of the Secondary tables. Any unit fully located within the bounds of the teleport pad is immediately removed from the table if the teleport pad is activated using the dialing device (even units engaged in close combat).

The dialing device may be activated by the Unit controlling it, immediately following its players Assault Phase. In order to control the dialing device, a player must have the closest Eligible Dialing Unit [EDU] within 6” of the dialing device. An EDU is a Troop or HQ unit that is not pinned, fleeing or engaged in close combat.
Players may make a voluntary assault move in order to ensure a unit is on the teleport pad if a) all models in the unit end their move fully within the bounds of the teleport pad and b) their are no enemy units between the unit and the teleport pad.

Re-Deploying in the Lost City (How to Deploy on the Primary table): All units arrive on the Primary Table via Deepstrike (the unit always scatters, no device or ability can affect this deployment). Divide the table into four (4) quarters, numbered 1-4. Roll a D6 for each unit re-deploying on the Primary table.

D6 Result
1-4 The unit enters play via Deepstike placing the initial marker anywhere within the quarter, of the same number, more than 12” from the center of the table. (note the unit may scatter outside of this quarter).

5 The unit enters play via Deepstrike placing the initial marker anywhere on the table more than 12” from the center of the table.

6 The unit enter play via Deepstrike placing the initial marker anywhere on the table.

Special Rules and Assets: Special/Unique/Named Character abilities (including psychic powers) that have a range, affect only one table (the table holding the model).
Special abilities that would affect an entire "army" may affect both the Primary Table and the Secondary Table.
Unless otherwise specified (by the organizer), Strategic Assets may only be utilized on the individual players own Secondary Table. Assets may not be used on a teammates Secondary Table.
A list of Assets that may be utilized on either the Secondary Table or the Primary Table include: Vortex Grenade, Precision Strike, Replacements (note that replacements arrive on Secondary Table only), Trophy Kill, Tank Riders, Crusade Banner, Legion Relic, Da Big Waaagh (only applies to one table), Blood Thirst of Khorne, Plaguestorm, Mirage of Tzeentch, Grande Pavane of Slaanesh, Subvert Machine, Cannibalize Technology, Deamon Shell, Strike of the Serpent (only applies to one table).


Primary (Control the Home World): The primary objective located on the Home World table is worth eight (8 ) Victory Points to the team that controls it. The Objective is controlled using modified conditions. The objective is controlled if a team has either an HQ or scoring unit within 6” of it and there are no enemy scoring units within 6” of it.
Secondary (Control the Resources): As per the Apocalypse Rulebook (p25) using six (6) objectives. Each secondary objective held is worth one (1) Victory Point.

Players add the total number of Objectives Victory Points held to their teams pool.

Tactical Bonus

+1/per - Disrupt Enemy Command: Kill the enemy commander(s) [the most expensive HQ model]. This model cannot be a dedicated transport. If you have two or more models that are equally expensive, nominate one model as the commander before the game begins.

Extra Rules (optional)
If two or more unit were engaged in close combat when removed from one of the Secondary tables, each player rolls a D6 for each of their units on the table above as normal. On any result of an identical number, the units will remain in combat and be deployed as one unit (roll off the determine which player places the initial marker).
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Sunday, July 19th @ Acme Games
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