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 1000 pt mini RTT at the Krystal Keep

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PostSubject: 1000 pt mini RTT at the Krystal Keep   Wed Jul 22, 2009 9:55 pm


Mini RTT Synopsis
August 9th, 2009

Points: 1000
Rounds: 5
Round Time Limit: 60 minutes
Fee: $15, to be paid the day of the event
Check-in: 10am, tournament to start promptly at 11am

Tentative Event Schedule
10am: Check-in
11am: First Round
12 noon: Lunch
1pm: Second Round
2:15pm: Third Round
3:30pm: Fourth Round
4:45pm: Fifth Round
6pm: Awards

Amended Force Organization Table
1 HQ (Space Wolves players need not abide by the mandatory HQ requirements of their Codex)
0-2 Elites
1-3 Troops
0-2 Fast Attack
0-1 Heavy Support

Army List Legality
If you’re concerned that your list may not be legal for any reason, please call the store ahead of time at 1.937.299.2809 to run your army list by a staff member.

What to Bring
-7x copies of your Army List (1x for judges, 5x for opponents, 1x for you)
-Measuring Tape
-Enough dice for your army (no rolling CC attacks for a 30-Ork mob with 8 “Big Guns” dice)
-Scatter Die
-Super Glue/Pens/Pencils/Scratch Pad

Painting Requirements/WYSIWYG
All models will be required to be at a three color minimum for the tournament. All miniatures must be modeled with any wargear/weapons upgrades you purchase for them, though models are assumed to have any items they have by default, (grenades, pistols, CCWs, etc.). Playing with models not painted to a three color minimum will immediately disqualify you from the painting contest, (this is completely separate from the tournament and does NOT impact your overall score). Gross infractions of WYSIWYG may negatively impact your overall tournament score, (blank bases, index cards standing in as Rhinos, etc.)

Hidden Objectives
Unlike a standard tournament where scenarios are published before the tournament date and you and your opponent are fighting over Primary/Secondary/Tertiary objectives; each round each player will have his own objective to complete. This objective is kept hidden from your opponent, as it is his job to not only complete his own but to prevent you from completing yours! The moment you have fulfilled the requirements of the objective, flip your card over and confirm it with your opponent.

These hidden objectives will be fairly ambiguous and uncomplicated; you should not need to build your army list for any specific scenario.

Other Game Objectives
Please plan for other, more standard game objectives such as Kill Points, Victory Points, Objective-Holding, et cetera. These will add to your overall score.

Wipe-Out Rule
The “Wipe-Out” rule is not in effect. It is entirely possible to table your opponent and still lose. If you’re sent into an enemy installation to recover a Prisoner of War, your commanding officers would be pretty angry if you just leveled the place with an airstrike!

Battle Tokens
Each player will be issued a number of different Battle Tokens at the beginning of the tournament. The player may expend these tokens at the beginning of a tournament round to gain special advantage. Some Battle Tokens are a double-edged sword, and if you misuse them they may benefit your opponent instead of you!

Here are some examples:

-Marked for Death: Place this Battle Token on an enemy unit; it is worth twice as many Victory Points or
Kill Points as it would normally be worth.

-Special Ops: Assign this Battle Token to a non-scoring friendly unit/model; that unit now counts as
scoring for the purposes of holding objectives. If this unit/model is destroyed, it counts as twice as many Victory Points or Kill Points as it would normally be worth.
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PostSubject: Re: 1000 pt mini RTT at the Krystal Keep   Thu Jul 23, 2009 11:12 am


Wipe-Out Rule
The “Wipe-Out” rule is not in effect. It is entirely possible to table your opponent and still lose.

Awesome. I feel this is needed in all 40K games. It is like, why have objectives and still allow players to wipe out. I agree that just b/c you wipe out an army doesn't mean you did what you needed. Fluffwise I also believe both armies would have "more troops" off the board.

I only wish I could play in this. It is the weekend before Gen Con and I think I'd have to worry about my wife cutting something off if I took all day off for a tournament only to turn around and leave town for 5 days of gaming.

Good luck
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1000 pt mini RTT at the Krystal Keep
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