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 Warriors of Chaos/Dark Elf character for sale/trade

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PostSubject: Warriors of Chaos/Dark Elf character for sale/trade   Tue Aug 25, 2009 6:38 pm

Ok so as some of you know I am leaving for afghanistan in 3 weeks. So during the packing process I have come across some stuff that I have no idea why I have it. So here it is for sale or trade. The trades are for bretonnian items (preferred), maybe some daemon stuff (albeit not much as I have quite a bit), or other interesting 40k or fantasy trades. Cash prices are as follows:
Marauders of Chaos on foot x24 (on sprues) $30
Marauder Horseman x5 (new as pictured) $15 (SOLD)
Knights of Chaos x 5 (old style metal - painted as pictured) $20.00
Morathi (dark elf lord) on dark pegasus $12.50 (missing wings)
offers and partial trades also considered

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Warriors of Chaos/Dark Elf character for sale/trade
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