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 1750 League at Yottaquest

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Mike Leon
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PostSubject: 1750 League at Yottaquest   Wed Aug 26, 2009 2:15 pm

They're starting a 1750 league at Yottaquest. Sign up is $10. It starts in September and goes to Thanksgiving. Go sign up.

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The Madman

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PostSubject: Re: 1750 League at Yottaquest   Mon Sep 07, 2009 11:06 pm

OK. We all had fun. Now it is time to start the next league.

Cost $10
Length: 5 Rounds
Round 1 9/4/2009 to 9/24/2009 3 weeks
Round 2 9/25/2009 to 10/8/2009 2 weeks
Round 3 10/9/2009 to 10/22/2009 2 weeks
Round 4 10/23/2009 to 11/5/2009 2 weeks
Round 5 11/6/2009 to 11/19/2009 2 weeks
Playoff Saturday November 21st

Format: 1750 points Fixed Codex, Flexible List
* Fixed Codices, flexible lists. You must use the same Codex for the entire league, you may switch lists between every game. Any codices that are updated during the league may be used when they become available.

* Registration is $10, at Yottaquest, and at that time the players must declare which Codex they will be using. Registration will continue until September3rd.

* Every attempt will be made to avoid mirror matches (two armies of the same codex facing each other). However, this may be unavoidable due to the nature of the armies that are entered into the league.

* email matthewm@yottaquest.com with any questions or concerns

* One match every two weeks, time to be arranged between the two opponents. If you are unable to contact your opponent after several attempts during the two weeks, contact me ASAP. Players may be dropped for failure to play. The purpose of this league is to play some cool 40k games!

* Once everybody has signed up for the league, an email will be sent out with everybody's contact information. It is your responsibility to arrange the matches.

* Scenarios may be anything that both people agree on. If you are unable to decide, pick a random one from the 40K rule book.

* Once the game is over, you should post the results on the store forum, indicating a Win, Loss, or Draw. There will be a new results thread for each round.

* There will be 5 rounds, at the end of 5 rounds there will be a two round, single elimination tournament between the top 4 players, with all 4 players receiving prizes. Playoff games will be conducted on Saturday November 21st.

* All rules disputes should be handled between the two players involved if at all possible. If you want a more official solution please consult the Adepticon FAQ. There is now a copy at Yottaquest for reference. If you are unable to resolve the issue using the FAQ, please ask a store employee to resolve the issue for you or dice off.

* WYSIWYG will not be strictly enforced, encouraging people to make conversions, use old models, avoid overly pedantic arguments. People are encouraged to use their common sense, and use models that avoid confusion for your opponent. (Ex: no claiming that a grot model is a stand-in for a warboss, no coffee can dragons.) All models should be completely assembled, and based appropriately.

* Players should show up to every match with a legible written army list. This army list should be available upon request of your opponent, and you should make every effort to also have a copy of your codex and the main rule book to help resolve any rules issues.

* For people who are having trouble determining what a reasonable amount of terrain on the board should be. First, please play whatever you both feel is going to be fun. Second, if you and your opponent are unable to agree on whats reasonable and fun, please use the following procedure.

I) Roll a D6+3. This is the total number of terrain pieces that will be used. A terrain piece is something like a woods, road, hill, building, etc. A good guideline is something ~12", or is capable of providing cover for a squad or vehicle.
II) Roll off to determine who will place the first piece of terrain. This person places that piece anywhere on the board they want.
III) Alternate placing terrain until you have reached the total amount rolled.
IV) Proceed to determine mission and deployment.
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1750 League at Yottaquest
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