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 Dirty tactics?didnt see that coming WOW

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PostSubject: Dirty tactics?didnt see that coming WOW   Sun Aug 30, 2009 2:48 pm

I seen this thread on other forums and figured it wouldnt hurt to post it here.

What is the best "surprise" you had awaiting for your unsuspecting opponent? And did it come to fruition as you hoped, or did it simply fizzle into disappointment?

Or even the best thing that happened in a game that even you were,nt expecting.

Or what is the worst suprise that you were'nt expecting.

I think the best was when a heaven comet acctually stayed around for 3 turns without being dispelled.Wow how orcs run and die from that.

Worst suprise ever was when kazarak came at me from behind with 2 herds
and killed my general on the 3rd turn.front,flank and rear charges--Wow!!It was a big game 2 on 2 and me with a lowly wizard lord in a unit of handgunners.Nowhere to go.
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Dirty tactics?didnt see that coming WOW
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