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 What does YOUR painting station look like?

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PostSubject: What does YOUR painting station look like?   Sun Sep 20, 2009 11:57 am

I've noticed over the years that everyone I know who builds models and paints minis has their own unique system for setting up their modelling and/or painting station.

Some have elaborately arranged specialized desks, some have all their paints brushes and glue in a cardboard box on the kitchen table. It also seems, interestingly, that the ornateness of a person's painting station doesn't always have an effect on the quality of their work.

I thought it might be neat to see everyone's HOME painting station. This isn't for the sake of any of us trying to tell anyone else how they should do things, cause we all know that while an organized desk may be helpful to some, it also may be hurtful to others.

This is just for the sake of getting to know how other people work.

Below are photos of my painting station, I admit that these were taken after cleaning up the station following my last finished mini, but this is how my station looks when I start a project, not necessarily WHILE I am working on a project.

Here is an overview of the whole station. I am using a cheap white and black drafters/drawers table. The table can tilt up in the back if I wanted to use it for that, but I don't so it doesn't. Over on the left side of the table is my shelf that contains all my mini and model boxes, and various other gaming tools and books.

This is my paint bottle system. It consists of two lazy suzans, one on top of the other. (So I can turn the bottom row and the top row in different directions) In the middle of the top one is a stack of gaming blocks to make a sort of pyramid stand, to bring those bottles up so I can see their labels.

Here is a close up of the work surface. In the middle of the work surface is a white Teflon cutting board. My mixing palatte and a folded paper towel off to the left. My brush holder is in the back, this one holds my dry brushes and base coating brushes. (I made that stand in wood shop in middle school) My really nice brushes are on the table in front of that with their rubber protectors always on when not in use. Also there is a syringe that holds filtered water for thinning paint in the pallet. Spray cans and glue are along the back wall. Over to the right is my magnifying natural light table lamp, behind that is my Xacto knife set. When I take my pictures, I use the desktop as my photo booth by just taking these white plastic model tile sheets out and setting them up like a box, then I pull the natural light over the top.

So please, go ahead and post pictures of your workstations, I'd really like to see how you all work when you are in your comfort zones.
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What does YOUR painting station look like?
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