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 Inventory overstock... Updated List

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PostSubject: Inventory overstock... Updated List   Mon Nov 16, 2009 9:29 am

This is listed on Bartertown but if any of the local crew are interested.... LMK.


OK - you see the items and their prices. However, I'm going to list this for 24 hours at a Package price of $175 and I'll ship it to you in the US. Outside the US you pay the rate. If I have no offers on the full boat it will beging to be sold off in pieces at the prices listed with $5.95 shipping in the US for 1 item up to unlimited items. You may put your wish list in early on the per piece offer but it will be negated if I get an offer on the whole boat.


1 - old school metal spider rider forest goblin (stripped)- $1
1 - Fantasy Zoat - New in blister - $10
1- Infinity Charontid (old version) - New - $4
2 - GW trees - no leaves. 1 base - $5
1 - Uncharted Seas Imp Human Battleship - New in package - $8
5 - 40K/WHFB Fleshhounds of Khorne - Metal new: $15
1 - WHFB chaos sorcerer - metal, new missing a part for the top of his staff - $1
1 x War Machine Khador Comander Orsus - New - $6
1 x 40K/WHFB Masque - New -$5
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Inventory overstock... Updated List
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