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 Lugh Sadh Eldar - ACME Escalation League

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PostSubject: Lugh Sadh Eldar - ACME Escalation League   Sun Jan 03, 2010 8:52 pm

Acme Games is hosting an escalation league starting on the 11th. I played Eldar back in the second edition days and have always wanted to go back and rebuild the army, so no time better than the present...

Anyway, here is the army as it stands now. Ready for the the 500pt Combat Patrols (which, by the way are a pain for Eldar players!).

And some shots of the individual squads.

First up the Jetbikes. As I don't foresee using any guardians in the 2000pts of the escalation league, I opted to use the guardian sprues I had on hand to update the jetbikes. A simple upper torso swap. The squad on the left has magnetized heads. The thought is to some how magnetize them further to be used as either jetbikes or singing spears. If I can get my hands on enough wave serpent and falcon blades, I intend to fit all the bikes with fins like the cannon bike on the right.

The Rangers are fairly straight forward. As the eldar army has been one of my favorites since first getting into the game, a lot of the miniatures are the old 2nd edition metals.

Warp Spiders. Although the aspects are very similar for every army, each warrior in this army will have a single knee guard painted in the harlequin check. This was a far better idea before I started "checking" every models knees Very Happy Let me tell you, its a great way to practice your harley check, or to lose your mind...

Fire Dragons.

Dire Avengers. Another straight forward unit, with a minor conversion for the twin catapult Exarch.

You might be wondering what, aside from the harlequin checked knee pads, makes this a Harlequin themed army? The overall theme will become more apparent as the army grows in size, but for know I will leave you with pictures of a few WIP models that will eventually join the force.

The Laughing God Avatar. I have always wanted to do a conversion of the avatar. It made sense that a harequin army would be joined by the Laughing god rather than khaine. I can't wait to get paint onto this model, but it may take some time as I had to drop him from the final 2000pt list.

My Counts-as Eldrad. Again, being a Saim-Hann 'ish harlequin army, it seemed wrong to use the currant Eldrad model to lead the force, but I needed his abilities. So, a conversion was in order. Having the left over body of the shadowseer from the avatar conversion, I thought it fitting to make a Solitaire counts-as Eldrad. Nothing better than an all powerful, damned soul wreaking havoc on the battlefield. I still need to work out his staff of Ulthamar. The harlequin models are a bit smaller that the old Eldrad and the staff head looks enormous on this body. I an thinking about trimming all the extra runes off the head, which should slim it down a bit. He will receive a considerably Slaanesh style paint job and join in on the fun at the 1000pt stage of the league.

Thats all for now, stay tuned for regular updates, the league starts on the 11th and increase by 500pts every month.
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PostSubject: Re: Lugh Sadh Eldar - ACME Escalation League   Mon Jan 04, 2010 7:00 am

very nice, those jet bikes are killer!
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PostSubject: Re: Lugh Sadh Eldar - ACME Escalation League   Mon Jan 04, 2010 10:32 pm

Really nice model. Looking forward to seeing the laughing god painted!

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PostSubject: Re: Lugh Sadh Eldar - ACME Escalation League   Tue Jan 05, 2010 3:49 am

Nice army. Great basing too.
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PostSubject: Re: Lugh Sadh Eldar - ACME Escalation League   Tue Jan 05, 2010 9:42 am

@Warmonger - Thanks, they are actually my favorite part to this army. The first 5 will probably have their cowls repainted. I think the second sets designs better fill the space and are less organic. I got a few games in last night and the sight of all 10 of these guys deployed together looks pretty intense clown .

@ Matt - me too, but the Avatar is more for fun. He's not actually part of the escalation league. That being said, I only have 5 more models (1 is a wave serpent) for my 1000pt list, so I should have some free time for a "fun" model.

@ John - Thanks, I have always had an issue with balancing good looking basing with time/cost effectiveness. I wanted to give the effect of a once great world that time forgot. A sort of overgrown civilization. That and I haven't fully given up on the old fashioned flocked base! I was really pleased with how nice they look and how simply it was to accomplish the basing. The most time consuming part was taping the flying stands before priming (which could easily be solved by not gluing them in place before priming, but who wants to be logical) clown

Finally figured out what to do for my counts-as Eldrad's staff. one of our locals at Acme named Andrew brought out his deamons last night and showed me his chaos sorcerer model. He raised a brilliant point, if the Solitare is meant to play Slaanesh, why not give him a staff from chaos! heres the model I'll be using.

The staff is perfect and I went ahead and put in the order from the shop, so it should be here in a week or so.
Thats all for now,
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PostSubject: Re: Lugh Sadh Eldar - ACME Escalation League   

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Lugh Sadh Eldar - ACME Escalation League
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