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 possible nid tourney list 1850

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PostSubject: possible nid tourney list 1850   Fri Jan 15, 2010 3:00 pm

hey guys first attempt at a tourney list for the new 5th ed nids let me know what you think gotta shave 90 points to

Swarmlord (280)

Tervigon with crushing claws (185)

2x warrior brood x4 with boneswords (320)

2x termagant brood x 20 (200)

genestealer brood x10 with scything talons (180)

2x gargoyle brood x 15 with toxin sacs (210)


Trygon prime with regenerate and toxin sac (275)

Tyrannofex with fleshborer hive and regenerate (290)

its 90 points over so i need to lose something was also debateing if the tervigon or the tyrannofex is worth it would love to take a harpy or the doom of malantai but dont have the points and may be some hive guards any help
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PostSubject: Re: possible nid tourney list 1850   Fri Jan 15, 2010 9:34 pm

I like your list.

If you wanted to drop 90pts I would suggest: Drop the prime off of the trygon as well as 5 termagants from each brood.

You already seem solid on synapse to the only things the prime will give you is +leadership...which you dont need, a few more bolterish shots, and in their face shadow in the warp. I think you can loose this easily.

I like the idea of two alpha warriors with your warrior broods instead of the swarm lord. The swarm lord is really bad ass, but with out guards I dont think he has any chance of causing the havoc you would like. Two 95 point alpha warriors also saves you 90 points.

Everything else seems balanced, fun, and significantly tough.
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PostSubject: Re: possible nid tourney list 1850   Tue Jan 19, 2010 12:56 am

Drop the Tervigon. If you don't give him the bio-morphs to buff your units there is not point to taking him. I don't like the toxin sacs on your gargoyles, its a nice upgrade but they already have a nice insta-wound ability. The ability to re-roll is nice but if your looking for points then i'd take that off first.

But i agree with Boomfex, not a bad list, it just needs some tweaks.
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PostSubject: Re: possible nid tourney list 1850   

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possible nid tourney list 1850
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