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PostSubject: ON VACA!!   Mon Jan 18, 2010 12:30 pm

Yup you read it. I am taking vaca from Monday 25th of this month til the 29th. Monday is out cuz Leslie is off but Tuesday thru Friday I'll be free for some playtesting. AM only. Sorry. And Sci-fi and Up Up and Away are the only 2 place I'm willing to travel. I'd hit Yotta but they don't open till 11 and it takes me 35 minutes to get there. And I would hav eto leave and pick Leslie up from Work. Only reason I have UU&A listed is cuz I'm not even 5 minutes away. And the mall opens at 10am Sign up. Let me know who is going to butcher me first. I'm also going to need a rules hog or close to it. I havn't played in over a year and never even played 5th edition yet.
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