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 Dark Aeons Demos at Yottaquest in Cincinnati, OH (Mondays)

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PostSubject: Dark Aeons Demos at Yottaquest in Cincinnati, OH (Mondays)   Tue May 11, 2010 12:45 am

Hey there folks,

I have made arrangements with Matt, owner of Yottaquest to run demos for the Dark Aeons: The Atlantean Chronicles Role-Playing Game. The day that we decided on was Monday evenings, starting at 6pm. I will have all of the supplies necessary to run the game for anyone that wants to attend. So if you like Lovecraftian horror and Machiavellian intrigue, then Dark Aeons is the game for you!

Those that plan to attend, simply shoot me an email to give me an idea of how many players I should plan for.




"Fire from the Sky" - The Cast are members of one of the Obsidian Group's elite Beta Teams; BlueFive. They are sent to Arkham to investigate the death of a Miskatonic University student, one Jacques D'Aquitaine; while there they will find that the case is a lot more complicated than they were originally led to believe.

Dark Aeons: The Atlantean Chronicles is a Lovecraftian roleplaying game set in a world of dark secrets and ancient legacies. In this dark reflection of our own world, it is the descendants of the survivors of Lost Atlantis that rule from the shadows, and ancient immortals still roam the earth, walking in shadow and light.

In this world, the creatures of the night roam the streets thirsting for the blood of the living; the dead return from the grave in the bodies of the hopeless in order to live out the lives that death’s cruel embrace denied them.

In this world, Sorcerers and Psychics are real; some trying to free from the world from the horrors of the Mirror World and the Abyss, while others are attempting to usher in a new dark age where humanity lives truly at the whims of demonic entities and the Old Ones.

In this world, the powers of the Faithful give hope to a dark world, while the Mundanes attempt to live out their lives struggling from day to day to survive in a world that seems out to get them.

The Center Stage Game System is a diceless role-playing game system that has been designed to allow Actors to portray their Persona in both tabletop and live-action modes of play. The system requires a regular deck of playing cards that includes the Jack, Queen, King and Jokers for conflict resolution.
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Dark Aeons Demos at Yottaquest in Cincinnati, OH (Mondays)
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