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 Got my @$$ handed to me... TWICE in one day!

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PostSubject: Got my @$$ handed to me... TWICE in one day!   Tue Jun 22, 2010 9:33 pm

I had fun and I learned a lot, but geez! Twice? In the same day? And one of those two times against IG?

Surely the lists weren't the problem. And my dice were good to me, I just couldn't manage to hit anything hard enough. Especially that land raider full of terminators! 14 armor all around is ridiculous! It was impervious to twin rail guns! My dice didn't cooperate that time.

Well, my 1850 list vs Space Marines was:
HQ fire knife + burst cannon + 2x bodyguards fire knife
3x crisis suits fire knife
3x stealth + 2x marker drones, team leader had marker light
3x broadsides + 2x shield drones
2x 12-firewarrior teams + pimped out devilfish
(Smart Missile System, decoy launcher, disruption pod, multi-tracker, targeting array)
2x pimped out hammerheads

I think my major problem was the psychological blow I took in the first turn when one devilfish and all but 2 firewarriors and my HQ unit fell victim to a drop pod full of regular marines and one blast template hit. I lost 1/3 of my army and an objective by the second turn.

Being a dawn of war with 4 objectives game, I couldn't even really fight back until turn 3, but by then I lost 2 more suits, and a hammerhead. Then the land raider headed straight for my broadsides (and one of the objectives) and I knew I was done. My one saving grace is that I had one suit that just wouldn't die lol!

My next game was 1500 spearhead objective based game vs Guard...
swapped out the burst cannon for a fusion blaster in my HQ and added 2x shield drones, dropped the bodyguards and one of my hammerheads to make 1500 from 1850

This game was largely a stalemate until about the 3rd turn. He was dug in inside a building and behind hills. My stealth team came to an early demise from a stray blast template that missed my hammerhead. He had these ratling snipers that kept taking pot shots at my broadsides (thank God for shield drones) and finally managed to take one down, I have no idea how. This was right after he infiltrated a Vakirie or Vendetta, that big jet thing, whatever its called and wiped out one of my firewarrior teams. I took revenge and eliminated it with my HQ. By the time the game was called at the 5th turn due to time constraints, I had one firewarrior team (at least most of one anyway) holding and objective, 2 broadsides, and 1 suit. At least I was holding an objective this time!

Against the marines, I don't know what I could have done - if I popped the tanks, the passengers would assault me. I knew I was done for in an assault. What I really needed was to trade in a hammerhead for another crisis suit team with fusion blasters. But then, what to do about the terminators? What will kill them (short of a rail gun in the face)?

Against the guard, I wish I had 2 crisis suit teams with burst cannons and flamers, 3 hammerheads dishing out submunition blasts, and a stealth team that had a fusion blaster on the team leader. The strategy with tau vs guard was sit there and shoot at each other, which led to the stalemate. My strategy against marines was pray I didn't get assaulted, which ended up happening anyway.

These were my first two real games with this army, so I'm not too disappointed with how I did. I was in it to learn and have fun. But what could I have done differently (especially against those ratlings, the land raider and terminators)?
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Got my @$$ handed to me... TWICE in one day!
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