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 Saturday July 31st - @ EGC - Warhammer Fantasy

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PostSubject: Saturday July 31st - @ EGC - Warhammer Fantasy   Wed Jul 28, 2010 10:58 am

Hey Everyone,
This Saturday I would like to play Warhammer Fantasy. What I am thinking is this. I am going to be there around ten when the store opens to set up three or more tables using the random terrain generator; all depending on how many people show up. Then using 1500 point armies we start using the scenarios. I am going to track who has play who through the day, what tables they used and the scenario played. Its not a tournament, just an opportunity to further test the new rules, see other armies in action and to play the scenarios.
I would like for people to either pm me if they are interested or reply to this post. I will generate the schedule beforehand and get everything ready. Also, this is just a friendly event. if you can only make it for one game let me know what time you Will be there and I will try and have an opponent and table for you.

1-1-1 Dark Eldar
2 - 3 Dark Elves
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Saturday July 31st - @ EGC - Warhammer Fantasy
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