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 Newport Games Updates Effective August 11th 2010

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PostSubject: Newport Games Updates Effective August 11th 2010   Wed Aug 11, 2010 6:53 pm

The following are restocks or new additions to our inventory

* ASY20007 Reaper Legendary Encounters: Orc Warriors with Scimitars (3)
* DCGSPW106 Der Weltkrieg: Western Front 1914-1918 World War I
* DCGSPW107 Der Weltkrieg: Osmanli Harbi The Ottoman Fronts: 1914 to 1918
* DCGST262 Strategy & Tactics Magazine #262: Frederick’s War $17.09
* DCGST263 Strategy & Tactics Magazine #263: Cold War Battles 2 Kabul ’79 & Pentomic Wurzburg
* DCGWW11 World at War Magazine #11: Afrika Korps $17.09
* DCGWW12 World at War Magazine #12: 1940 - What If?
* FFGVA33 Call Of Cthulhu Arkham Horror: Curse Of The Dark Pharaoh Expansion
* FFGVA63 Arkham Horror: Lurker at the Threshold
* LOO033 Zombie Fluxx Card Game
* MFG0476 heck Rail Card Game
* MFG3066 Settlers of Catan Revised: Catan Cities & Knights 5&6 Player Expansion
* MFG3067 Settlers of Catan: Traders and Barbarians Game Expansion
* MFG3202 Catan Histories: Struggle for Rome Board Game
* MFG4101 Horus: Influence & Power in the Valley of the Kings
* MFG4106 Bacchus’ Banquet: The Glory & Gluttony of Rome
* MFG4111 Ostia: The Harbor of Rome
* MFG4113 Shear Panic: The Best Game Ewe Ever Herd
* MFG4401 Family Business
* PEG6520 28mm Miniature Terrain: Barbed Wire
* PIP1021 Warmachine Prime MkII (SC)
* PIP1023 Forces of Warmachine: Cygnar (SC)
* PIP1025 Forces of Warmachine: Khador (SC)
* PIP1027 Forces of Warmachine: Protectorate of Menoth (SC)
* PIP1029 Forces of Warmachine: Cryx (SC)
* PIP1034 Hordes: Primal Rulebook Mk II (HC)
PIP91034 Warmachine: Warmachine Template Set
PIP91035 Hordes: Hordes Template Set
* RGG301 Race For The Galaxy Game
* RGG363 Race For The Galaxy Expansion: The Gathering Storm
* SJG1420 Burn In heck - Collect the Sinners
* SKMJDP-02-004 Skirmish Elite: Tanga 1914 (WWI)
* TLC1001 When Darkness Comes: The Awakening
* TLC1002 When Darkness Comes: Horror Within Expansion
* TLC1003 When Darkness Comes: heck Unleashed Expansion
* TLC1004 When Darkness Comes: Darkness Before the Dawn Expansion
* TLC1005 When Darkness Comes: This is Not Happening
* TLC1007 When Darkness Comes: The Nameless Mist
* TLC2010 Zombies!!! Board Game (2nd Edition)
* WGFHG001 Wargames Factory: Viking Huscarls - Armored Dark Age Warriors (32)
* ZMG4000 B-Movie Card Game: Grave Robbers from Outer Space
* ZMG4002 B-Movie Card Game: Kung Fu Samurai On Giant Robot Island
* ZMG4003 B-Movie Card Game: Grave Robbers 2: Skippy's Revenge
* ZMG4004 B-Movie Card Game: Bell-Bottomed Badasses on the Mean Streets Of Funk
* ZMG4005 B-Movie Card Game: Berserker Halflings From The Dungeon Of Dragons
* ZMG4006 B-Movie Card Game: Scurvy Musketeers of the Spanish Main
* ZMG4007 B-Movie Card Game: Bushwhackin' Varmints out of Sergio's Butte
* ZMG4008 B-Movie Card Game: Silent But Deadly Night
* ZMG4009 B-Movie Card Game: Grave Robbers 3: Suburban Slashers from Sunnydale Street
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Newport Games Updates Effective August 11th 2010
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