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 Imperial Armour Vol 9 : The Badab War

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PostSubject: Imperial Armour Vol 9 : The Badab War   Sun Aug 22, 2010 1:02 pm

I will be placing a Forge World order when this book comes out. If you know you're going to want something, PM sooner rather than later. I'll make the order, and hand out everything when the stuff comes in.

Reminder, all the new Space Marine MK 1-5 kits are out, as well as Phobos Pattern bolters, the Caestus Assault Ram, and all the previous cool stuff FW has done.

Also on the Rumour mill is that Imperial Armour 11 (as Bedab is 2 Books) will be Space Wolves + IG (Valhallans maybe?) vs. Eldar on an Ice World.

Again, send me the PMs. The Badab book is slated for end of September.
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Imperial Armour Vol 9 : The Badab War
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