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 NEW WH40K & WHFantasy itenms & re-stock at Sci Fi City.

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PostSubject: NEW WH40K & WHFantasy itenms & re-stock at Sci Fi City.   Fri Aug 27, 2010 10:12 pm

Hi everyone,

A Games Workshop delivery happened sort of late in my shift today.
We got a HUGE bunch of stuff in from Games Workshop - so much so that Brandon said he might have trouble fitting it all onto our shelves.

Amongst what I made stickers for earlier today/Friday:

A Rhino (maybe two of them)

Two Tau boxes

Three boxes of Cadian troops or units.

Lots of Space Marines.

In the FANTASY Warhammer I saw :

Beastmen Battallion

Beastmen book/Codex.

Plenty of new paints and re-stock on paint.

plenty More Citadel/GWS glue.

If you want a more detailed version, then just send me a PMK or an e-mail and I'll give better details tomorrow morbing when my shift starts.
...or better yet, stop in and say hi.
I like seeing familiar faces while I'm trying to wake up with coffee. (hopefully I find coffee in the morning)

- Ed C.
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NEW WH40K & WHFantasy itenms & re-stock at Sci Fi City.
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