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 Island of Blood Mini Event @ Art of War, Sept. 5th

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PostSubject: Island of Blood Mini Event @ Art of War, Sept. 5th   Wed Sep 01, 2010 6:44 pm

To celebrate the kickoff weekend for the Island of Blood, Art of War is going to be hosting a mini tourney Sunday September 5th, starting at Noon.

It will be a three round, ninety minute per round mini-tourney, with some minor twists.

First, any army can take a unit from the Island of blood. And "disorder" army can field a unit of skaven from the Island of blood for free*, and an "order" army can field a unit of High Elves from the Island of Blood for free*. There will be bonus points for Island of Blood units that are painted, and bonus points for miscasts. I know I know, some strange stuff, but hey, Warhammer is a strange place!

So bring your 1,000 points army to Art of War Sunday September 5th and play to win a free copy of Island of Blood. There is no entry fee, so make sure you come down and play a game.

Note: Island of Blood units mean units made up of models from the Island of Blood box set. Free means that you get the unit from the box at no point cost to you.

We'll see you Sunday September 5th at noon!
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Island of Blood Mini Event @ Art of War, Sept. 5th
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