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 teefury.com (Mr. T Shirt)

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PostSubject: teefury.com (Mr. T Shirt)   Thu Sep 16, 2010 6:15 am

For anyone who's never heard of teefury.com they only sell one shirt a day (24 hour period). After that the shirt changes to a new one.

For the gentleman who likes Mr. T, teefury.com has got one with Mr. T on it today.

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PostSubject: Re: teefury.com (Mr. T Shirt)   Thu Sep 16, 2010 6:48 am

hmmm. Not bad.

My favorite in my collection is Mr. T. with a Che Guevara style. I can't find it online anymore. Mr. T. has certainly exploded in popularity since I began using him as an avatar over 6 years ago. I'll take the credit.

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teefury.com (Mr. T Shirt)
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